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National Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Restoring Happiness and Vibrancy Through IntegrativeTherap

Today, one of the most stimulating conversations related to improving preventive outcomes for those affected by breast cancer resolves around integrative health care systems and practices. A breast cancer diagnosis can bring a sense of deep trauma that can last a persons lifetime, often affecting family, friends and those within a person's life circle.

Yet, in order to restore a person to the happiness and vibrancy that they once felt, a caring and integrative approach is essential. There should be a keen focus on holistic health, which incorporates the interconnection between the mind, body and spirit to sustain an individual beyond the impact of the surgical, radiation and chemo-preventive therapies often required. Integrative health care focuses on incorporating a combination of both conventional and complementary approaches to aid in restoration of a person suffering from an illness. The power of integrated therapies is attained through understanding that the mental, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual aspects of a person life are also affected when diagnosed with breast cancer or any type of cancer. We must make strides to dispel the stigma so often attached to holistic health, embracing the profession of integrative practice as an essential component towards recovery and restoration for those affected by traumatic diseases. The ability to caress integrative therapies and incorporate such practices can aid tremendously in a persons physical recovery.

The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health outlined ten integrative practices used to foster health and wellbeing. They include the following:

Natural Products - the use of products such as fish oil/omega 3, glucosamine, Echinacea, and flaxseed

Deep Breathing Exercises - relieves stress

Yoga and Tai Chi - energizes the body through stretching and quiet meditation

Chiropractic and Osteopathic Manipulation - relaxes and relieves the core of the nervous system through the use of hands on techniques

Meditation - promotes relaxation

Massage - massage therapy to stimulate and relax muscle tension

Special Diets - therapeutic diets

Homeopathy- plant-based and other remedies

Progressive Relaxation - a relaxation technique that reduces overall body tension through tightening muscles and then relaxing the muscles.

Guided Imagery - visualizing relaxing scenes and images

These integrative therapies are to be used as an integrative component, so please make sure you listen to your physician’s advice related to the conventional treatment methods. Learning how to incorporate integrative therapies into your day-to-day regime can provide you with strength to keep fighting towards your recovery. If you are a co-survivor or know someone that has been affected by the disease you still play a vital role to restore the happiness and vibrancy they once felt.

During this month make sure you donate to the mission of the American Cancer Society in support of breast cancer research at the following link to support others at

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