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Sizzle, Saute, & Cook the Kale, Collards, Cabbage, Chard, and Broccoli...The link between loweri

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Select a variety of green leafy vegetables daily

There is so much controversial news we hear about the benefits of adding leafy, green vegetables into our diet on a daily basis. The research shows that adding 3 to 4 servings of vegetables daily can improve a person's resistance against breast cancer and other forms of disease. However, how many of us actually get 3 to 4 servings of vegetables daily? A study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology identified a common trend in over 50,000 African American women whose diet was rich in leafy green cruciferous vegetables.

In 2010, the Black Women's Health Study published research called, "Fruit and Vegetable Intake in Relation to Risk of Breast Cancer in the Black Women's Health Study". The study found that total vegetable consumption of among 51,928 African American women ages 21-69 years of age was associated with a decreased risk of estrogen receptor-negative/progesterone receptor-negative breast cancer (2010, Boggs, et al.) In addition, the study found that specific vegetables may be associated with a decreased risk of breast cancer overall.

The cruciferous vegetables were broccoli, collard or mustard greens, cabbage, cole slaw and green leafy vegetables including spinach, field greens, carrots, tomatoes and sweet potatoes or yams. The follow-up was conducted over a 12-year period which found that out of the population study 1,268 cases were identified. This study shows that there is an association between lower risk for breast cancer and cruciferous vegetables. The consumption of fruit did not have the same affect the study found.

As a best practice do a self-assessment start a journal or a log to keep you on target to eat the right types of vegetable. This will benefit you long terms improving your overall health and stamina long term. So, start today making wiser choices, make a nice garlic spinach, or a cabbage stew. There are tons of things that you can do to modify your risk and reoccurrence for any disease.

You can read more about the study at the American Journal of Epidemiology, Volume 172, Issue 11, 1 December 2010, Pages 1268–1279,

Also remember to join the fight during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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