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National Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Walk as a Memorial of Love

Walk as a Memorial of Love

Renewing the purpose for walking during National Breast Cancer Awareness came vividly back to my personal memory this weekend to remind me to get up and "Walk"...keep fighting for the cure. A survivor that fought the fight to the end invited me to a health fair many years ago. The memories that I hold of her are so positive and brilliant. As a walked around the tables to learn more about what the organizations were offering, I decided to make a donation and sign up to get involved. Several weeks later I received a call that I had won a pair of sneakers that were engraved with a pink ribbon symbolic of the cure for breast cancer. I was so delighted because winning something for free doesn't often happen in my world. In my world winning means perseverance and hard work. As I received the New Balance sneakers in the mail, I dedicated those sneakers towards my walks annually and today I am still walking... The sneakers have worn out from wear and tear. However, as I walked into a store, a pair of light pink sparkly boots were in the middle of the aisle open in a box. I look down at them, they were my size and more than half was as if another sign came forth renewing my faith and commitment to push me to "Walk" for the cause... someone needs to know that you are walking for them. Yes, I am walking for you and will continue to do so!

As National Breast Cancer Awareness month ends renew the commitment to make an appointment for your annual mammograms and biannually if you are 50 and over. Get involved and encourage others to get involved. Life it short, live it with passion, and purpose. Donate to make a difference in someone's life. Remember it not just a walk, it's a memorial of love.

In deepest memories, you will be forever missed, rest in peace.




Aunt Jackie


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